The Story of God at Ivy

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The story of God at Ivy is filled with rich details.

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The story of God at Ivy is filled with rich details.

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Brian Williams

Brian is an engaging teacher with a solid foundation in the Word, and has a great love for Christ and the Church. Brian loves to preach and teach in a way that stimulates creativity and imagination. Brian is married to Donna who has spent much of her time and energy serving alongside Brian.

What We Believe

The Story of God

We exist because of the story of God’s redemptive mission through Jesus Christ and the ongoing redemptive activity of the Spirit in our world. This is the greatest of all stories. The purpose of the Bible is to bear faithful, true and authentic witness to this story from the beginning of creation to the consummation of the Kingdom. This is how the story goes….

God created the entire world and all that is in it. The centerpiece of his creation was the creation of humanity. God placed his very image in man and woman and invited them to have free and full relationship with him, with each other, and with all of creation itself. However, the man and woman chose their own path of independence from God in their pursuit to be like God. The perfectly harmonious relationships that were previously enjoyed were ruined by the destructive effect of sin and the death that ensued.

The story of the Bible focuses on God’s response to the disastrous and fatal effect of sin. God initiated a redemptive movement that began with a promise made to Abraham that God would bless the entire world through his family. The family eventually became the nation Israel and the promise of God continued forward through this nation. Although the nation often rebelled, God remained faithful to his promise. Ultimately, after Israel was delivered from Egyptian bondage and later settled in the Promised Land, the promise of God was affirmed through King David.

Powerful nations ultimately defeated many of the tribes of Israel. However, two tribes were saved from total destruction and went into exile. Upon return from their captivity they began to restore Jerusalem to its former glory. After some four hundred years of being back in their homeland, the promise of redemption came to its fullest expression with the birth of Jesus who was nothing less than God incarnate.

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus announced that the Kingdom of God had come. Both in word and deed, Jesus lived out fully and without sin the redemptive mission of God. The entire redemptive mission of God focused solely on Jesus. Toward the end of his ministry Jesus was crucified as a final and full act of atonement. On the third day after the crucifixion Jesus was raised triumphantly from the grave. Over the next forty days he met with his followers in various settings and then ascended to Heaven

On the day of Pentecost, God’s Spirit gave birth to the Christian movement. God’s promises were being realized as he made his presence among humanity. Through the presence of the Spirit, the people of God are indwelt with none other than God himself. The movement has continued to spread globally over the past 2,000 years. The purpose of the church is to participate with God in his redemptive mission in the world through the power of the Spirit.

The centerpiece of the Christian movement is Jesus. The story of Jesus reflects the limitless love of God for all people. God has always been and is now in pursuit of advancing his Kingdom by the sharing of the Good News of his redemptive love. Jesus will return to the world and will consummate God’s Kingdom on the earth. All things will be made new and the harmonious relationships with God, people, and creation will be completely restored to the glory of God.

Our Mission

Remember, honor, and glorify God

Love and care for each other

Share how Christ forgives sin for eternal life in Heaven

Grow as Christians to become more Christ-like